Tuesday, June 7, 2016

iPhone 7

There have been rumors going around about Apple releasing their newest and latest iPhone coming in September 2016. Every year Apple releases a new iPhone in their 4th quarter. And every other year that iPhone is a brand new phone, whereas the other year the iPhone released is an update to the one the previous year. For example;

Model name
Release date
June 2007
iPhone 3G
June 2008
iPhone 3G S
June 2009
iPhone 4
June 2010
iPhone 4S
October 2011
iPhone 5
September 2012
iPhone 5S and 5C
September 2013
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
September 2014
iPhone 6S
September 2015
iPhone 7
September 2016 (expected)

With this year being the release of a brand new iPhone, I was searching online to see what the new features were. I came across this article that explained some of the rumored features. These are just rumored. Because no one knows what the new iPhone with have until it is released. All we can do is guess.


Sapphire Glass- there is talk that the new iPhone with have sapphire glass, instead of the Corning's Gorilla glass that is being used in the current iPhones. this type of glass is really strong, and not easily breakable (which is good if you’re like me and drop your phone all the time). 

Button-Less Design- The home button will be eliminated, so that there is room for a bigger screen.

Wireless Charging- when reading this I was surprised that for once Apple is behind on the most up to date technology. Usually Apple is the ones that are setting the trends, and other companies are playing catch up. Now Apple is the one catch up to Samsung.  

Water and Dust Proof- to give maximum protection to that device you just dropped major dough on, the iPhone 7 is rumored to be waterproof. The device won’t get damaged if submerged under water for 30 mins.

Image result for dropping phone in toilet

Cutting the fat! - it is rumored that this new phone will as thin as possible. The rumors also suggest that the company may ditch the headphone socket in an attempt to make the phone as thinner than ever. Because there will be no socket for your headphones, that are going to have wireless beats ear plugs. 

With all these advance features that may be added to the newest iPhone, we can anticipate it being priced in the range of $800-$900. Which is about $150 more than the current iPhone. 


  1. As an iPhone user myself, I think it's interesting that they're planning on getting rid of the headphone port. The wireless charging sounds really good in theory, but as a person that stays up playing on my phone at night while it's plugged in, I don't know how much use I would personally get out of it.

  2. I know it would be super cool but I highly doubt they would use sapphire glass on the phones. To put it on the watch which is like 8 times smaller the markup between the aluminum and ionX glass and the stainless with sapphire glass is $200. That is not something that consumers are willing to pay for a cell phone.